Friday, December 16, 2005

New Year's Resolution and Perfection

My mother told me today that her new year's resolution is to lose weight. She said she has a specific target and with God's help she intends to be that weight. I suggested that instead of planning to go on another diet, she could pray to manifest her perfect body that already exists in Mind now. It's her choice of course.

I don't believe in diets; to go on a diet or to watch what you eat is based on the belief that one needs to add or take away from what you are. You are worried about additives or preservatives in food. You're counting calories. You are doing exercises to achieve your ideal physique. These are all smokescreens; beliefs that have no foundation in truth.

We've got so used to the counterfeit image of man as apposed to real Man. Real Man does not age; real Man does not have to worry about what He eats or drinks; real Man does not have to worry about getting sick or dying; real Man is Perfection. Real Man is who I am and She represents eternal youth, beauty, perfection and abundant life. And nothing can be added to or taken away from Perfection.

I am, therefore, not going to interfere with Perfection by going on fad diets, or using creams to make me look younger etc. While I do eat and use creams, I do so with the understanding that nothing I eat makes any difference to my real body; nor does food make me feel more or less healthy. No cream I use can make any difference to the beauty that I innately am. I certainly am not going to do any exercises to make my body firmer. I don't need to do anything.

As for my body, it's stayed the same weight - 8 stone (112 pounds) - for the last five years, which is ideal for my frame and height (5'6). I also maintain a youthful appearance; I look years younger than my human years.

While I haven't as yet attained physical perfection in every way, I know the perfect idea already exists in Mind and is manifesting perfectly.

I don't make resolutions. I'm only interested in experiencing the real Me that is always perfect.

All the very best.


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