Friday, December 30, 2005

Of Channels

"I can so fill you that you become fully God-conscious, a powerhouse for Love and Light to be generated and radiated out into the world. Wonders are awaiting to be revealed through channels." (God Spoke to Me, Eileen Caddy, pp 15-16)

"Allow My cloak of peace and stillness to fall around you and envelop you completely. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. I can work through you when you are in this state of consciousness no matter what you are doing." (God Spoke to Me, Eileen Caddy, p. 16)

"Let me work My wonders within you. Stand aside and let Me take over. When you let the little self in and allow it to stand in the way, I can do nothing but wait until you, of your own free will, choose to remove it and let Me take over." (God Spoke to Me, Eileen Caddy, p. 26)
Last night as I lay down to sleep, I felt this immense Peace like a cloud hovering at first then it felt like I was been embraced. This Peace is very tangible indeed. While in this Peace I suddenly had a coughing fit. How is this possible? I coughed for a few seconds. The coughing appeared to make me lose sense of the Presence around me. My nose was bunged up and my throat felt sore.

I called out to the Presence. Again, I felt myself being embraced by this Peace and lost all sense of self. I fell asleep.

I had a dream where I saw the brightest light I'd ever seen. It was so bright I couldn't look at it. A voice told me to look at it and that I was that Light. I did and I was instantly at one with the Light.

When I woke up this morning I was completely free of the cold symptoms.

God is the only Power, the only Love, the only Life and the only Wisdom. Yet it sometimes feels as if there is another power. The fact that I had a coughing fit would suggest that there is another power. This is simply not true. There is no Power but God; anything else is a nothing trying to be something.

When you are unaware of God's presence, you are using beliefs to create realities; or to protect from or defend yourself against other beliefs. You are using denial to erase beliefs. I have tried those methods. I have used denied colds and flus as unreal or not of God. I have had cold symptoms and have stayed in silence, and the symptoms have disappeared. As long as you are joined with the collective consciousness of humanity that is filled with conflicting beliefs, there is always something or the other to fight against.

God is beyond all beliefs. The Presence, the Peace that I experience as a "cloud" is Perfection that is unaffected by beliefs. It is unchanging and always present. This Presence is seeking channels to express through. My role is to simply surrender to the Presence and be filled up with His Presence.

God is all there is.

With love,

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