Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Personal and Impersonal Nature of God

I now live by the underlying principle: "God is all there is." This means in every moment there is nothing but the One that is Infinite Love, Intelligence, and Perfection.

As the One Intelligence expressing in all, God is impersonal. Thus, God wants everyone to enjoy all goodness and happiness. On the other hand, God is also very personal in that He will only express what each of us prefers. For instance, the Intelligence knows that I don't much care for avocados so there is no point manifesting them in my reality. I have nothing personal against avocados, it's just my preference; though I don't mind them as guacamole.

I believe it is the same One who has given us, and continues to give us, our personal preferences or "quirks", as my friend calls them, which makes each of us unique. Therefore, the One appears to each of us as different types of thoughts in response to our various needs.

Last night when I was walking home, it started to rain. I have a preference to walk in dry weather but I couldn't be bothered to open my umbrella. I thought to myself: "God is all there is; God is dry weather." The rain stopped and it was dry all the way home.

This morning I was off to the library. Their computers have been down for several days so I wondered whether I should go into town to an Internet shop. As I approached the bus stop I saw the bus was just leaving. The bus driver turned the bus round. Instead of driving away he stood there waiting then he opened the doors for me to get on. I interpreted this as the Impersonal Intelligence answering my question, so I took the bus into town.

My next bus was packed full with people, presumably, heading off to do their Christmas shopping. A man was standing above me and blasting music on his mobile phone. As much as I enjoy music, sometimes I would rather not hear loud music so close; that's what head phones are for. The man was oblivious and dancing and singing away. I thought again that "God is All There Is." I felt profound peace where I had no thoughts. It no longer mattered whether there was music or silence. After a while the man put on his head phones and continued to sway to his music.

While God is all there is, He expresses through each of us as personal. If that wasn't the case we would all act in identical ways.

With love,

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