Saturday, December 31, 2005

There are No Rules!

I have a passion for the field of human potential. I have studied many different models of reality, some of which I have listed as links on my blog under "For the Curious Mind." While I have found these models useful, I consider them to be maps only. I find personal experience more important than following a teaching; I prefer to trust in my own truth. Last night, I had an experience which revealed I was still attached to a particular model.

I was watching a show on television called The Magic of Jesus ( see also Channel 4's Magic Christmas), where two magicians were trying to duplicate the miracles of Jesus, as portrayed in the Bible.

Some of the magicians' "tricks" included turning water into wine, and walking on water. In another trick they got a nurse to scan a woman to confirm she wasn't pregnant. Then the magicians made her look 5 months pregnant. The nurse scanned the woman and the machine revealed that, not only was the woman about 5 months pregnant, she was also "expecting" a boy. The magicians also got five thousand people together in a stadium and multiplied enough loaves to feed all of them.

At first, I wasn't bothered at all. I had no axe to grind as I am not Christian nor do I follow any religion. Then I had a thought that one can do magic tricks but without love, it is all nothing. Hang on a minute, where did that come from? If people want to use magic for entertainment, who is to say it is not love in action? Who am I to impose my idea of love on others? There are no rules as far as love is concerned, or maybe that's my rule.

Over the last year, I have started several blogs for different themes. A blog is a computer programme. The blog has no opinions, makes no rules, passes no judgments, and imposes no limits. It is simply there to serve a function: sharing of information. Whatever I choose to write about makes no difference to the blog.

In the same way, a discussion forum is simply a programme created for the purpose of sharing information. It is the administrator of that forum that makes up rules about what should be discussed. The computer programme doesn't care what is being discussed.

What if the magicians are indeed tapping into the same source of power that the biblical Jesus had? This suggests that the power is impersonal and it is humans that impose rules on how that power should be used. Someone who can tap into a power that can create realities instantly can choose to use it for his own personal use, to entertain, to heal, to enrich lives, or to control others. The Power is impersonal and makes no judgment.

The "powers that be" would like us to dismiss what the magicians are doing as tricks, illusion or whatever because they don't want us finding out that we can all tap into an infinite power to meet our needs. Society, as we know it, would fall apart. So, we have "teachers" in our midst feeding us with misinformation that will distract us from seeking this power. While we are busy debating the many theories and beliefs about life and the universe, the minority who know how to access this power continue to be in control. That's the game "the powers that be" would like us to play.

The TV programme made me re-evaluate what God means for me. God is the nothingness, the void, that is without beliefs, rules, concepts and dogma. The void is infinite power and infinite possibility. This power is freely available to all.

Thank you Channel 4 for an excellent programme.