Tuesday, December 27, 2005

To Believe is to Agree With

While I was still half drowsy on Boxing Day morning, I heard my mother saying there was snow outside. I didn't believe her at first.

"It's true," she said, "it looks about 3 inches thick."

She went on and on until I finally believed her. That's all I need. I'm not into snow; I think snow looks good in movies and on Christmas cards, but not in my reality. So I prayed for the snow to melt ASAP. I decided I wasn't going out in the snow then I went back to sleep. When I finally woke up I looked outside to check the situation and saw there wasn't any snow.

"I thought you said it had been snowing?" I said.
"Did you believe me?" mum burst out laughing. "I was only pulling your leg."
"How could you?" I said. "Now, I've wasted my prayer."

Secretly I was pleased there wasn't any snow.

This morning, mum looked out of the window and said it was snowing again.

"Yeah, yeah, in your imagination," I said.
"It really is snowing."
"Yeah, whatever!"

While she was in the bath I opened the window blinds and looked out to see it was snowing heavily. Oh my, it is really snowing! I told mum it was snowing but she wouldn't believe me.

"I'm not joking, mum, it is snowing heavily."
"I don't believe you!"
"You're like the warped version of the boy who cried wolf," I said. "Now that it's really snowing, you won't believe me."

I opened the bathroom window for her to see the snow but she told me to shut it as it was too cold; she still wouldn't believe me. When she finished having a bath she looked outside and was amazed to see it was really snowing.

"It's all your fault saying it was snowing yesterday," I said.
"But I was only joking."
"Yes, but I so believed you that I prayed the snow would melt," I said. "Now, we are going to witness my prayer in manifestation."

The snow stopped and the sun came out. By the time I went out to run an errand for my mother, it was already melting.

Thoughts and ideas are as real as the forms we experience with our senses. In order for an idea to be made manifest from the invisible to the visible, you have to be in agreement with the invisible idea. In other words, you have to act as if it is true. In this case, I'd so believed my mother's version of reality, I had acted accordingly and prayed for the snow to melt. So it wasn't surprising that the actual event took place in form.

The interesting thing is I pay no attention to weather forecasts because I don't believe them. I tend to wear my heavy coat no matter what they say.

How far can you take beliefs? Let's say you are sick and been to your doctor. After you've tried various medications and had no results, your doctor tells you that he can do nothing else for you. Do you agree with him? If you do, you might as well kiss your life, as you know it now, goodbye. If you don't agree with him, you are open to try other measures.

Do you accept the media's version of reality? Do you agree with their truth? If you do, you conform to their truth. If you don't agree with the media, you are open to other ways of seeing the world.

You can apply this idea to politics, science, religion, nutrition, society, spiritual ideas etc.

I believe Love is all there is and because I agree with that belief, it is a yardstick I use to experience life. (see Making Love)

Be careful what you believe is true, it might happen whether it is a joke or not.

With love,