Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anomaly or Reality?

I've been working on the Internet in the library. There are 20 computers here and I've been on number 8. Someone wanted to log into a particular website but she couldn't on her computer. I tried on mine and it worked perfectly. They logged her onto another computer. She tried it and again it didn't work while it worked on mine. Then the whole system went down. Guess what? I am the only one still connected.

The library staff were at first baffled by this anomaly, then they ignored me. They've been turning people away saying the Internet is down, while I've been browsing. They think I'm working on the word processing. I mean, how can one person be connected to the Internet when the whole library system is down?

I see this experience as representing what can happen when you refuse to buy into consensus belief. I know that I live in a Spirit universe, and all forms are God in manifestation.

There is no such thing as an anomaly. There is only Reality.

God is all there is.