Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fast Forward

Imagine if you could manifest your thoughts and desires instantly? This means all thoughts that comes to mind, yours or the whole of humanity, are instantly manifested. How would you cope with this?

Well, you could develop discipline so you're not able to consciously pick up on all thoughts; or

You could raise yourself to a level that is beyond duality, therefore, any thought that comes to mind is always going to be good.

What if you decide to exercise your freewill and your choices instantly manifest in your life experience? What if it is something you don't really want to experience but it remains in place because sometimes things take time to undo?

I remember a while back when I was sitting on a park bench. I was all alone. I imagined light around me and a light being beside me. Before you could say "speed of light" a young man appeared on his bicycle. He looked in his early twenties, over 6 feet tall with blond hair, and the bluest eyes. He said he was from Italy. I never realised there were blond Italians. He said his English wasn't very good; his English was a lot better than my Italian. He sat beside me and we chatted for a while. He wanted to hold my hands and I let him. He wanted me to go out with him but I said I just wanted to be friends. When I got up to leave he asked me for a kiss. I gave him a peck but he wanted a full-on snog. I refused. He decided to accompany me on my walk. He kept asking me to go out with him and I kept saying no. I even told him I was a Born-Again Christian who only dates Born-Again Christians, but that didn't work either. He was now getting angry. There was only one thing to do: in thought I called out "God help!" My Italian friend abruptly got on his bike and rode off. He didn't even say goodbye! Cheeky!

Last night I got this brain wave to play with Light. As I walked from the bus stop home to my house, I thought "I am Light; I see only Light." My eyesight got blurry. The next thing you know I could see only light. I had a thought that I was getting a migraine attack. By the time I arrived home, I had lost my vision, in the human sense. I went to lie down. Before I closed my eyes, I realised that all is Love and thanked God for His Presence. Then I lost consciousness meaning I couldn't think or understand anything. This is not the same as being in silence when I can still have understanding. In this state, I cannot string sentences together because I see no connection between words. Everything just is. I did have a bit of a headache but it only felt like a slight thud. After a couple of hours or so, I was back to normal.

Formally, when I used to have migraines, I would have the sight-loss followed by nausea, and stomach upset. When the headache finally arrived, it would last for hours, sometimes days. Thank God for a speedy recovery.

It seems to me that there are times when I make choices, freewill choices that have to be played out. I accept that as I have used my freewill, it's up to me to undo what I've done. But there is no reason why an exercise of freewill has to last longer than necessary.

Imagine watching a video or DVD of your favourite film. If there is something on the video you don't want to see, you fast forward it to a part you do want to see, right? Why not treat one's freewill choices like a video by fast forwarding an experience you chose but no longer wish to experience. How? By realising that God's Love is all there is. Love fast forwards unnecessary pain and suffering. If the experience doesn't go away then Love shows His presence in the experience.

I can choose to exercise freewill or be All the Love There Is.

Love doesn't judge; Love doesn't hurt; Love accepts all my choices. Love is always there waiting for me to realise His Presence.

Love is all there is.