Monday, January 16, 2006

The Hero Within and Without

You’ve go to search for the hero inside yourself,
Search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
Until you find the key to your life. Search for the Hero, M People
Imagine you're waiting for a bus. Suddenly, Superman arrives. He tries to lift you up.

"Whoa! What do you think you're doing?" you say.

"I'm trying to fly you to your destination."

"You're having a laugh, aren't you?" you say. "This is real life, mate, not Metropolis. You have no powers here."

"You're so wrong," Superman says. "I have super-hearing, super-sight, and I can move at the speed of light."

"Go away!" you say. "Come to think of it, I think I'm dreaming. Superman does not exist. I must wake out of this dream."

But wait, this is not as mad as it sounds. What if you are living in the same reality as Superman, and all the other superheroes, but you just don't realise it?

This happened yesterday. I am about to enter a room. I believe the door is wide open but it isn't. I end up hitting my head hard against it. I think to myself: "That didn't happen. I am Spirit." I feel my head becoming less dense. The pain dissolves instantly.

While I occasionally have "accidents", it's becoming like second-nature to me now to remember that I am Spirit. Spirit is the realm of ideas and Imagination. Spirit and ideas are made of the same stuff. Ideas don't get hurt unless of course they are comic character ideas that have been designed that way. Even so, comic characters tend to bounce back anyway.

So when I realise myself as Spirit, I am saying that I am not flesh and blood but an idea. Don't ask me how it works; all I know is my body feels intangible, as if my body is empty space. I've had moments of panic when I've had to weigh myself to check that I still exist. Hahaha.

The Universe is not material, it is spiritual. In other words, the Universe is Imagination, a realm of ideas. There is no difference between superheroes and us. We are all made of the same stuff. It's just that we think of ourselves as mortals having a material existence.

Earlier today while I was waiting at a bus stop, I observed many lorries. I marvelled at their sizes. All of a sudden, there were all these lorries driving past. While there was no traffic, I imagined the longest lorry ever in the space in front of me. Within a few seconds, the space was filled with a long truck, the type that has 12 wheels. Wow! I dreamed up another and the space was soon filled up by another super-lorry! Awesome!

What we see as space is nothing but Imagination. In empty space all sorts of characters and superheroes exist. There are mythical characters, gods, angels and whatever you could imagine. The world of ideas is all goodness, of course, unless you fancy yourself as an anti-hero.

There is no need to search for the hero. We are all super-heroes.


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