Saturday, January 28, 2006

How to Avoid Blocks

I believe God is the Source of All There Is that is Good. God has devised a way to express all Goodness by appearing as infinite instruments that are meant to receive/express all the Good that He is. Thus, God is playing two roles: the Source and Giver of Goodness and the Receiver and expression of all Goodness.

Since God is all there is, this means that we are all playing a dual role: the Source/Giver being expressed through the infinite instruments/Receiver.

While I am playing my part as Source, it doesn't always follow that what I express always comes through my personality; most of the time Source expresses through other instruments appearing as people, objects, books, animals, nature, experiences etc. My role, therefore, is to realise that there is only the one Source and then let the Source flow effortlessly through whichever instruments He chooses.

Blocks sometimes occur when one expects Source to flow in a particular way when there are unlimited channels Source can flow through. For instance, the other day when I was working on the piece, When Being Good is Not Enough, I found the words weren't flowing and it seemed like a lot of effort. I stopped for a few seconds and realised that All is God. When I resumed writing I was able to see how the Source of all had arranged for the various instruments to play their parts, which unfolded the idea. The story wrote itself in no time.

To avoid blocks I live with the realisation that:

Source/God is all there is; and
Source/God expresses Self through limitless instruments.

Can you imagine what this means? Let's say you are looking for healing. God's limitless healing instruments could be the chair you're sitting on, the computer screen, the people around you, the air you breathe, the ground you're walking on, the clothes you're wearing; everything and anything could be God's healing instrument.

Incidentally, yesterday I noticed this woman on the bus who looked really down. She kept swapping seats. We all got off at the same stop. This morning I saw her near where we live, which is a mile away from where she got off yesterday. I thought to myself, there's probably a reason why our paths have crossed. Maybe, God/Source is working through me to help her or vice versa.

I am open to the limitless ways God is expressing Self.

With love,