Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Joy of Giving

I believe God/Unlimited Good is all there is. All of life is God expressing Himself. You see, God is playing a game of giving and receiving. As Source He is All There Is. In order to experience the joy of giving, God makes Himself appear as infinite vessels to receive All That He Is. God appearing as infinite vessels is the equivalent of browsers needed in order to access this website. There is only one of this website but billions of people could access it if they have browsers.

When you realise that God is All There Is, you are aware that Source is All There is. You realise that you are also Source which means you also have limitless capacity to Be Unlimited Good. In order to experience who you are, you have to "create" vessels to give of yourself. Otherwise, you are not able to experience the Unlimited Good that you are.

Vessels come in limitless ways. They could be ideas you share on the Internet; or you are inspired to work on a creative project which serves as a vessel. Then you get to experience the joy of giving. And as you give or have the intention to give, you also receive.

For instance, if you have the intention to give away something tangible, feel the joy of giving it away. You’ll be amazed how this intention is made manifest in abundant supply so you can give it away.

Being the Love That I Am,

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