Thursday, January 05, 2006

Let Yourself Go - Part 3

Life is Infinite and Unlimited Good.

While we all have different ideas about what makes us happy, we all agree that we all want to experience love in its unlimited ways, be fulfilled and be appreciated. Love, fulfilment and being appreciated are Unlimited Good. I believe Infinite and Unlimited Good seeks expression through all.

Unlimited Good is God.

It is the nature of God to be unlimited; it is the nature of God to be lavish. Unlimited Good can appear in any form to meet a human need; or in unexpected ways whether one is open to receive or not. Check out a fruit tree and see how lavish nature is in providing superabundantly whether there is someone to enjoy its fruits or not.

The ultimate in letting yourself go is to realise that there is nothing but Unlimited Good. Put another way, Unlimited Good is all there is.

With love,

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