Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pregnancy and Rebirth

I've often wondered what would happen if pregnant women did not interfere in their baby's development by consulting with doctors, reading books, taking various pills and potions, and having various expectations. I believe the baby will be so perfect it will be ethereal. Alas, this is not the case.

The only way one can have such perfection is when the mother holds a perfect image of the baby in thought by accepting that the baby is Spirit and is already perfect. There is nothing she has to do but be the channel, trust in the process, and let the child come forth in due season. How many mothers think this way? Not a lot. Most people have got used to taking medicines, for instance. Someone gets an itch in her throat and she's rushing off to the bathroom cabinet to take some potion. People have been programmed all their lives to take something to make themselves feel better. So you can't expect a mother who is used to taking pills and seeing herself as flesh and blood to treat her pregnancy in another way. Out of habit, she'll use a method she knows that works for her.

The good news is all is not lost. We have all been given another chance to put things right. How? By realising that we are Spirit. This is what it means to be "born again." As Spirit, my mind is being transformed, which transforms my body into Spirit. Unlike the pregnant woman who interferes with the process, all I have to do is know that I am Spirit and trust in the perfection of Spirit to unfold in Her own way. I must put nothing in the way.

I am a spirit foetus in the Spirit womb.

I trust that I am always nourished by Spirit.
I know that it is the Spirit that quickens my whole being.
I live in a Spirit universe.
I know that I am Spirit in manifestation.
I trust in Spirit.

With love,