Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trusting in Divine Order

It never ceases to amaze me how things turn out for good. From a human standpoint events might appear chaotic; but they are always working in divine order. I only have to let things happen and trust in the process.

The other day I went to a bookshop to browse. The floor I was at had CDs and DVDs. My mother had asked me to check out the CD prices for the Irish pop band, West Life. She is a huge fan. As there weren’t any comfortable seats available at the time, I rummaged through the CDs checking out the prices for my mother. Then I went downstairs where I knew a chair was available. After reading for about half an hour I had a thought that seats were now available on the next floor. Sure enough there were two available. I chose the one in the far corner. As I sat down a man beside me said hello.

Last year at a poetry reading at the same bookshop, I heard this man reading his poems. At the end of the reading I told him how much I'd appreciated his poems. We ended up going for a walk and having discussions about spirituality and life in general. I haven't seen him since. The man saying hello was the same man.

I wondered why we were meeting now. As we chatted and he told me about what he's been up to, he reminded me that he is a professional actor. I told him I've been preoccupied lately about acting; I've even written two pieces called Extras and Great Actors Know How to Be. I shared some ideas with him. We ended up going to a local bar where we continued our discussion. My friend said it was funny how I popped up because he'd just had a thought about me. And another thing, my actor friend hails from Ireland.

Last night while I was watching the movie, The Matrix, my mother asked me if I knew that the word "matrix" is an old-fashioned word for the "womb." I told her I did. I asked her if she knew the word "matrix" is in the Bible. Given how loaded with religious symbolisms The Matrix is, I wouldn't be surprised if the script writer didn't take that meaning from the Bible. Mum said she had never come across the word in the Bible. She checked the concordance (the index) but the word wasn't listed. I said it was from Exodus. I tried looking for the word in the Bible but I didn't want to miss out on the movie so I said I would check it out on the Internet the next day. During the commercial break I picked up the Bible. I noticed my mother had inserted a small envelope from Unity in the Bible. On that page my eyes were drawn to the following text:

"All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep, that is male." (Exodus 34: 19)
Mum was amazed. I said maybe God had deliberately inspired her to put that envelope on that page just in case. (smile)

In the King James Version of the Bible there are actually five references to the word "matrix."

Exodus 13: 12
Exodus 13: 15
Exodus 34: 19
Numbers 3: 12
Numbers 18: 15

However, in other versions of the Bible the "matrix" is referred to as "womb."

It's amazing how much Good unfolds in perfect order. One's action might seem quite random from one perspective, but from a big picture perspective, it is all working out in perfect order.

I trust in Divine Order.

With love,