Friday, January 20, 2006

Ways of Being

Last Sunday I didn't go out. My mother was also at home with me. By late afternoon I was feeling a bit restless. I felt like having a nap on the sofa. Mum asked if I wanted some more food. I said I would have some after taking a nap. I lay down for a minute then I got up and said I was ready for some food.

"I thought you said you were lying down?" mum said.
"I did, and I have. I am no longer tired."
"But you were only lying down for a moment?" she said.
"That was enough rest for me, things happen very quickly in my universe."
"Well, you'll have to bear with me," mum said, as she tried to get up from her chair. "I am a bit slow in my universe."

I remember when I used to do temp work. After a day, I would feel as if I'd been in the company for years and feel it's time to leave. A week's contract felt like forever. My longest contract was a year and it felt like I had been there for eternity.

I believe there really is no need for me to have an experience longer than necessary. Sometimes a moment is only what is needed. At other times, I will have an insight and use that insight to experience life for longer periods. That doesn't mean I need to use the same insight forever. There is always something new to unfold. To attach to one way of being is to limit myself.

The bottom line is there is something that is always constant: God, The All There Is. But The All There Is is too vast to even fathom. You could spend every moment experiencing an aspect of God and you wouldn't make a dent on Its infinitude. So I tend to have an experience, note down my realisations of the experience, and then let it go. I know tomorrow is a new day for even more wonderful adventures.

I guess what I'm saying is this website is a record of ways of being. No more, no less.

With love,