Saturday, January 14, 2006

What is Good is Good for All Time

God is The All There Is; and The All There Is is unlimited Good. This means all that we experience is The All There Is in manifestation, and they are good and good for all time.

What do I mean by good? Good is the intention of a thing to make life fun, joyful, peaceful, loving etc.

You're wrong! Not all of creation is good. Fire can keep you warm, and even cook your meal, but fire can also cause you injury. Does this mean God did not create fire?

Fire is The All There Is in manifestation, therefore, fire is always good.

How come people can get burnt by fire? How come fire can cause so much destruction?

That depends on one's perception of fire. The All There Is is not material but Spirit, thus all that we experience is spiritual. When fire is experienced as its real nature, spiritual, it does not destroy or cause harm.

Hmmm! Not sure about that. Anyway, what about water?

Water is The All There Is in manifestation. Water has unlimited uses and they are all good.

I hate to put a fly in the ointment but how come water is capable of so much destruction, such as floods? One can even choke on water and die.

Water is not material but spiritual. Spirit does not cause injury or harm in any way. Only when one perceives something as material do you dream that something is against you. I have scalded my hand with boiling water and reversed the effect by remembering that "I am Spirit" and it was instantly healed.

Hey, what about humans? Are humans all good?

Humanity is The All There Is in manifestation and humanity is all good.

How can humanity be all good when there is so much war and violence on earth?

Humans are Spirit and Spirit cannot attack itself. It is the nature of Spirit to be in harmony.

The All There Is is Spirit. No matter how things appear, they are Spirit. And Spirit is good for all time.

Spirit is The All There Is.


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