Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What is Omnipresence Really?

God is omnipresence. This means that God is everywhere present; at least that is the theory, but not how I experience God's omnipresence.

I love to sleep. I could sleep for England. I love the whole ritual of preparing for bedtime. I also look forward to dreaming though I can only recall a few of my dreams. I tend to meditate and then drift off to sleep. I used to feel rested after a good night's sleep. Now things have changed. These days, I spend more time awake than asleep; and when I do fall asleep I don't feel rested. I find that I wake up with either a blocked nose or a splitting headache.

Last night I woke up with a headache, again. The interesting thing is I could also hear ringing in my ears, the type doctors diagnose as tinnitus. I shifted to Spirit mode by reminding myself that there is nothing but God. Like magic, the ringing stopped and the headache disappeared. I felt my body losing its density. I felt a Presence that feels like a tingling sensation all around me until I lost all sense of a separate self. I was one with the Presence. I stayed in this state for some time. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up from another dream, which I can't now recall, my head felt like someone was having a jamming session in it. Again, I switched perspective to Spirit and the headache went away.

I have also observed when I wake up from sleep how I am straddling two realities: there is the me that needs to have a pee; and the me that doesn't need to pee. If I can't be bothered to get up, I switch to the me that doesn't need to pee, by simply thinking that I am Spirit. When I finally get up, I'm back to the me that pees and rush to the loo.

If God is everywhere, how come He is not present in my dreams? Why do I have to shift perspective to experience God's presence? It seems to me there is the dream reality where you can think you are separate and doing your own thing. This dream reality does not only occur while one is asleep, most of the time it occurs while one is supposed to be awake.

I have found when I am consciously at one with the Presence, I can have thoughts, mostly pondering on ideas I am going to write about. But when I am not in the Presence, as in dreaming, well, I am subject to all sorts which puts me out of sorts.

As I see it, the purpose of life is to live as Spirit. This means always being aware that the Omnipresent One, who is always awake, is all there is. Then there is no need to sleep; or if you do sleep you have a dreamless sleep. If you do sleep and do dream, then the dream has a purpose which could be a revelation from God.

With love,

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